artificial intelligence

Business and The Use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

One thing I love about life is learning. I have always been that way. As a child I was fascinated by knowledge of any kind and soaked it up like a sponge. Since my nature is so curious, I get really excited when I consider artificial intelligence. We have come so far so far with…Read More

Let’s Talk About Marketing Your Small Business

By now you have probably scoped out Small Business Promote pretty thoroughly, or at least let’s hope you have. If you own a small business and marketing online is your goal for 2018, following the steps outlined on this website WILL make you successful. There is a set formula for how to go about setting…Read More

UserIQ For a More Comprehensive View of What Your Customers Want and Need

One thing is for sure in the coming year. Data is king. Of course content always will be king, but for the foreseeable future data intelligence and the ability to understand through stats and other data what your online customers want and need is going to top even content as king. This is just a…Read More

small business organized

Is Your Small Business Organized Going into 2018?

Getting organized involves a lot more than just neatening stacks of papers and dusting off the¬†clutter you have on your desk. Organization involves creating systems and procedures for all different parts of your business; this has¬†the potential to help you become more productive and profitable. The ideas below include some of the best ways you…Read More

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What If Your Clients Could See Their Stats In Real Time?

There is something I MUST share with you that I ran across and believe you will be very excited about. If you have business clients then you know how much time and work it takes to send them reports of their analytics and other statistics every week. What if I told you that there is…Read More

Getting Started With Content Writing and SEO

Whether you are going to write the content for your small business website and blog, or hire someone else to do it, you need to know the bare bones facts about how to do SEO (Search Engine Optimatization.) Don’t let that word scare you. SEO is fun, easy and challenging, in that you get to…Read More

Small Business Confidence is High for 2018

Hello Readers! I honestly believe in synchronicity, which in simple terms is timing meeting opportunity. Since you are here on my blog looking for advice about starting your small business, or learning to promote the one you have the right way online, here is a boost for you and proof that our timing on getting…Read More