Business and The Use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

One thing I love about life is learning. I have always been that way. As a child I was fascinated by knowledge of any kind and soaked it up like a sponge.

Since my nature is so curious, I get really excited when I consider artificial intelligence. We have come so far so far with technology that it boggles the mind. But in the last few years things have accelerated beyond anything I could ever have imagined.

Take Machine Learning. Yes, machines can now learn and evolve. Machines have already beaten the finest (human) players of poker, just as one example of machine learning in action. The achievements that experts had predicted for machine learning would take at least another decade are happening right now.

The most exciting thing to me as a business owner about artificial intelligence and machine learning is how online businesses can use it to predict consumer behavior and automate all kinds of functions. No telling what the future of business may be when it comes to AI. I love it!

One important person who is very much into keeping up with AI and machine learning as it applies to business is Dr. Andrew Charlton. A major voice in the field of economics, Andrew Charlton turns his passion and knowledge about economics into advice that individuals can use to help them steer their businesses through an ever-changing marketplace.

Dr. Andrew Charlton was a senior economic adviser to Australia’s Prime Minister. He is the author of two books, Free Trade For All and Ozonomics, both which tackle what Charlton believes are heavily linked issues: poverty and climate change.

I love following people like this. Especially when they discuss where business is headed in the future. Foreword thinkers are the best. They keep us informed by staying on top of the most advanced technology and what is happening with online business in relationship to tech.

And that leads us back to our discussion of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. What do you think about it? Do you see your business adjusting to the changes that are coming? Are you prepared to take your business to the next level online by embracing AI and Machine Learning? Or do you balk at the idea? Let me know in the comments below. I am very interested in having this discussion with my readers.


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