What If Your Clients Could See Their Stats In Real Time?

There is something I MUST share with you that I ran across and believe you will be very excited about. If you have business clients then you know how much time and work it takes to send them reports of their analytics and other statistics every week.

What if I told you that there is a way to let them see their analytics within your application whenever they like? Yes, I thought the same thing; game changer. With self-service reporting your business clients will always be able to see their stats in real time within your application.

The company I ran across that supplies this service is called Izenda. Once I discovered them, I began to read their blog and was impressed with some of the proof stating how ad-hoc reporting can save you money and clients’ loyalty by providing a service they are not finding anyway else; the ability to see how well they are doing at any time at all.

One such piece of proof comes from Eckerson Group in their report, Embedded Analytics: The Future of Business Intelligence. You can download the report for free courtesy of Izenda by following the link in the first sentence of this paragraph.

Business Intelligence, (BI) is a vital part of the process of selling products and services and the trend of having access to their own analytics in real time is something all business owners will be looking for in the coming year.

If this sounds just like what you have been looking for to increase your client retention and future income, you can try the product for free.

Izenda integrates quickly and easily in your application, leveraging your existing infrastructure to deliver modern self-service business intelligence and analytics to your end users. Installing embedded analytics is easy, with some of the following highlights:

  • No additional hardware or software needed
  • Reports against multiple data sources
  • 100% white-labeled, adopts your application’s branding, look and feel
  • Inherits your existing security model

I see this trend toward instant analytics access for clients as something that will soon be not only helpful, but demanded. Clients want to know how well they are doing, and if they are like me, data is the most important word in their vocabulary. I mean, in laymen’s terms, how else are you going to know what your clients need and what changes you might want to implement if you cannot view your analytics at will? It just makes sense.

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