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Denise Grier’s Resume


Denise Grier




To find a stable, remote job in which I can use my experience and skills, working for a company that offers a well-paid, challenging, interesting job. In turn I make sure to deliver total professionalism, hard work, loyalty and satisfaction.


Professional Experience

 20+ years in journalism, marketing, blogging, writing, editing and copywriting

 9+ years blogging, Inbound Marketing, WordPress website building, Google Analytics, online sales, SEO and social media. Handling some or all of this for both small startups and established sites with 100,000 page views.

 10+ years in HR, hiring, recruiting, staffing, management and leadership


Work History



Freelance Writer, Editor, and SEO Specialist

  • Have gained a deep understanding of semantic markups, local, national, and Global SEO, search analytics and identifying relevant insights, as well as hands on experience with technical SEO architecture, on-page optimization, along with understanding and adjusting to Google algorithm updates.
  • Self-taught, along with courses, for nine years, using my knowledge of marketing tactics and my experience to become an Inbound Marketer, handle blogging, copywriting, press releases, newsletters, SEO, link building, Google Analytics, CRM, WordPress, for many clients to their great satisfaction.
  • Sales of ads on websites, some graphic design and WordPress building and optimization.
  • Writing articles, books, blog post, and being editor in chief for several websites.

Creative Writer and Editor
Spent three years writing strictly creatively, poetry, short stories, essays, and articles for magazines. Also edited online literary journal which I owned, now defunct, The Giggle Water Review. It did well but we all know what it takes to make an online magazine successful and I was too busy trying to pay the bills.


Advertising and Stuff, Waxahachie, Texas

 Created this business on a dime, sold ads on menus and brochures, created real estate magazines for private clients, event programs, did it all: copywriting, graphic design, layout, payroll, collections, taxes, recruited sales team members, staffing, hiring, oversaw sales staff, Customer Support, troubleshooting




Lowe’s Home Improvement, Waxahachie, Texas

Office/Credit Manager—created home builder’s credit line, sales, marketing, collections, hiring, staffing, oversaw two girl office, payroll, bookkeeping, banking, all office administrative functions, contractor sales office experience. Customer Service a key part of the job.





Waxahachie High School



Ohio Christian University



Copywriting Certification

Online Marketing Certification




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