Don’t Let the Fear of Success Run Your Life

The biggest obstacle to becoming a successful small business owner is the stuff going on between our ears. Most of us are our own worst enemy when it comes to our thoughts and attitudes about success. Failure we are used to, and I know that sounds terrible, but it is true. The reason many small businesses fail is not that they don’t have a great product or service, or that they aren’t getting customers, it is because most people get discouraged and give up right before they reach the finish line. They let fear send them into a whole bad mindset.

I have been a small business owner since 1993 so I can say what I have said above with confidence and experience. I cannot count the times I got discouraged and wanted to just throw in the towel. But what I would do instead is to be aware that my crappy mind set was temporary. Step away for a day or two. Regroup when things get hairy.

One great way I get my motivation back after a meltdown is to read uplifting messages from some of my favorite authors and websites. One of those I would advise you to subscribe to is Lone Wolf. This website is not about business and it is free to join to receive their articles via email. It is the brutal truth about life and business and how to navigate our messy personalities and deal.

This article titled 12 Ways to Stop Fear of Success From Ruining Your Life was actually my inspiration for writing this blog post you are reading.

Take a few minutes and read it. I promise you will come away more motivated to make your small business succeed in spite of the stuff between your ears.

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