An Example of Freelance Success in Business

As someone who has been freelancing online for 12 years, I know intimately the challenges that us freelancers face. If you are new to freelancing in business, this post is for you. Although the information included here could help freelancers at any stage of their career.

For those of you who just arrived at my blog, first let me say welcome, and thank you for visiting! Let me introduce myself. I am Denise Grier, Pro Blogger and Digital Marketer. I started Small Business Promote to help anyone who is building a business online, and this includes those who are working freelance. If you are not sure exactly what a freelancer is, here is the definition from, “a person who works for themselves rather than being hired as a salaried or hourly employee.”

Freelancers contract with companies, and many freelancers are busy building their own businesses in addition to their freelance work. A good example of a person who does this very successfully is Krystal Perkins. Although Krystal  is currently working and living in Jakarta, Indonesia for a Joint Venture called “telkomtelstra,” running the marketing department, where she is responsible for mentoring and coaching the local marketing team to grow the brand, and deliver strategic B2B Marketing, Krystal also owns a company that handles these services for others.

Another thing successful freelancers often do is to find a cause to support. When you freelance, you usually work from home and that means contact with others is severely limited. As a healthy way to connect with others, while also providing much needed support for a cause you are passionate about, you are giving back while finding an outlet outside of work. Krystal does this by volunteering and supporting social responsibility programs in Indonesia and Australia including volunteering for

One Disease provides social programs to help people like the man pictured above. Joining up with an organization such as this one is a great way to find balance between your professional and personal life, supporting a cause that you believe in and that gets you fired up.

The secret to freelance success is not ever all about money, but finding ways to satisfy yourself in all areas of your life. This way, your business success comes more naturally, for you realize that you are a part of something much bigger than you and your freelance business and the money you make.




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