Finding New Customers for Your Home Improvement Business


If you are in the home improvement business in the US, Small Business Promote understands the challenges of finding new customers. Of course, word of mouth is always the best advertising, and we figure you get a lot of new leads from former homeowners you have done work for. But especially during a time like now, with so much extremely cold weather across the US, finding new leads is proving to be a huge challenge.

We have a solution to that problem of finding new leads for your home improvement business. There is a company called Pronexis who makes it their job to find new leads for home improvement businesses across the United States. They are the only company we have researched who has a technology they call the Lead Inhaler.

This is proprietary to ProNexis from the ground up and will collect your leads from all possible sources by almost any means necessary. The Lead Inhaler includes several pre-built, backend integrations with several lead producers such as Thumbtack, and HomeAdvisor. In some cases this allows ProNexis to start working on contacting a lead even before you get an email or notification that you have the new lead!

One great thing we noticed about ProNexis is that they offer a FREE demo of their lead generation experience so that you as a home improvement specialist can see for yourself how it works. They are very confident in their product to be able to do this, and with good reason. Read some of their client’s testimonials by following this link to their Proof of Excellence page of the ProNexis website. We have included a review of ProNexis from a happy client below for your convenience:


For years, my company was ahead of the national average closure rate at about 35 percent for lead-to-assessment (appointment.) When we contracted with ProNexis, our closure rate jumped to about 58 percent! I’ve been a huge supporter of their company within the Senior Helpers franchise system.

The home improvement industry is very competitive, so any advantage you can create for your company is a bonus. We really suggest you check out ProNexis to help you get new leads.


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