Following Successful Freelancers and Entrepreneurs: A Ticket to Success

adrian rubin

One thing I talk about a lot here at Small Business Promote is the necessity of maintaining a mindset of success. This page of my website is actually dedicated to that very thing. There I talk about some of the main people who influenced my life, those like Wayne Dyer and Ram Dass. A quote from that page I like is this, “One thing I know for sure: if you have a bad attitude you will NOT be successful. In fact, it is scientifically proven that the mind cannot hold two thoughts at the same time. So if you are thinking positively and have your mind geared toward success, nothing will be able to hold you back. The opposite is also true.”

However, although we are considering a successful mindset, today we are not talking about spiritual leaders. What I want to discuss with my readers is the necessity of finding real life, down-to-earth mentors who you admire that are doing the things you want to emulate. If you are a freelancer like me, along with being an entrepreneur, you want to follow those whose steps are leading in the direction you want to go.

One such person who I discovered recently is Adrian Rubin. Adrian’s journey is such an inspiration! In this Adrian Rubin interview by the website The Crazy Mind, Mr. Rubin’s story begins with him developing a keen interest in math and natural science in his early schooling years. While in high school, he worked several part-time jobs, which helped him hone his career as a freelancer. His knack for creativity, especially the element of interpersonal interaction, strategic thinking, problem-solving, boundless imagination and leadership position soon pushed him to embrace the arts.

Here is a short quote from The Crazy Mind interview with Adrian Rubin, “The Brooklyn based freelancer today boasts 30 years working experience; during which he has overseen numerous projects and achieved tremendous success. Before emerging as a respectable creative director, Adrian served as a customer service officer for several years. His career as creative director cuts across various industries, including the arts, entertainment, and advertising. Most of the work he receives as a freelancer comes from his long list of satisfied past clients. Adrian attributes his latest success to strong client interaction, teamwork, commitment to quality work and being goal oriented. During his spare time, Adrian Rubin enjoys traveling around the world, mentoring the youths and listening to soul music.”
What that tells me is that as a freelancer, part of the beauty is that you often don’t know where the road may lead. For this highly successful freelancer and music marketer, it led to a very beautiful place indeed.
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