Have You Had a Car Accident and Need an Attorney?


There aren’t many worse things than having a car accident. It is an experience that can change your life in seconds. One minute you are cruising along, listening to the radio or maybe an audiobook, in your own little world, and the next minute you are blasted into another realm of existence, as someone smashes into your car. Or maybe you are the one at fault, distracted by your cellphone, running a red light.

Whatever the details of your car accident, your first move when the accident is over and you have figured out that you and the people in the other car are okay or called an ambulance if not, is to understand exactly what will happen next. Small Business Promote would like to suggest that the first thing you do after arriving home from your mishap is to read this article from esurance and this one from The Balance, both trusted authorities that offer detailed suggestions on what steps to take after being involved in car accidents.

You may find that you need the services of an attorney after being involved in a car accident. Your first point of reference is finding an attorney with a stellar reputation who specializes in car accidents. After doing our research, we discovered what the Small Business Promote team feels is the best attorney to discuss car accidents with. That law firm is Kinney, Fernandez & Boire.

This Tampa, Florida based law firm offers FREE case evaluations. Another reason we chose Kinney, Fernandez & Boire is their philosophy. Below is that philosophy from their website:

Our philosophy is simple. Regardless of the outcome, we want our personal injury clients to leave knowing we did everything we could to achieve the best possible result. Let us handle your big accident, so you can get back to sweating the little stuff.”

Simple but effective.

If you arrived at this blog post after searching for assistance on what to do after a car accident, we truly hope you found the information you need and that you will follow our above stated suggestions concerning the right attorney. This one decision can be life altering.


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