Let’s Talk About Marketing Your Small Business

By now you have probably scoped out Small Business Promote pretty thoroughly, or at least let’s hope you have. If you own a small business and marketing online is your goal for 2018, following the steps outlined on this website WILL make you successful. There is a set formula for how to go about setting up your business and making yourself known; branding is what we call it in the business.

But what if you do not feel you have the chops or the time to handle marketing as well as running a small business? Don’t feel bad, not everyone is cut out to be a marketer. If they were many of us would be out of a job. 🙂

There are folks out there who can handle the marketing and branding of your small business for a fee. The question is, who can you trust? Yes, there are those online who will profess to be professional branders and marketers, but saying so just does not make it true.

In that case you should always do your homework. I can’t count the number of hours I have spent researching professional online marketers and PR people. For one thing, I like to follow them on social media and often subscribe to their newsletters. I suggest you do the same, even if you are going to hire a professional digital marketer. Keeping abreast of the changes in Google, SEO, and apps that affect your small business marketing efforts is smart business.

One professional PR company that I have been keeping my eye on is Behrman Communications. 

For one thing, and I will just be flat out honest here, as a female entrepreneur I like dealing with companies created and run by women. Call me bias, but I enjoy seeing women rise and succeed. Our world has been run by the good old boys club for so long it is high time that women were more recognized and compensated for their achievements.

But I digress..Nancy Behrman is a brand unto herself. One little known fact is that her agency’s first client, Kiehl’s , was actually sold to Loreal in 2001. Similarly, her PR firm handled the accounts of Clarisonic and Burt’s Bees before the companies sold to Loreal and Clorox.

You too could become a household name by having Behrman’s PR firm handle your small business marketing. Check out the links above and let me know what you think in the comments below.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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