Meet Denise

Hello and thanks for visiting Small Business Promote! I am Denise Grier, digital marketer par excellence and the owner of this website. If you want to get to know me, below is a little story.

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I began building professional relationships at the tender age of 10 when I sold Grit newspapers door-to-door. Everything I have ever attempted with enthusiasm I have succeeded at. But I was also a math head. Won a math contest in high school and kept books right out of the gate for a nursing home, asst. administrator. Numbers fascinate me.

Specialties: ad copy that one client said,”sings,” creating fantastically designed and SEO optimized WordPress blogs. Press release specialist. Blogging in a conversational tone that still comes across as professional. Metrics setup and monitoring, I am a fiend about stats. I have also been writing resumes for professionals seeking jobs for over 10 years. But my true wheelhouse, as should be for a born salesperson, is marketing. I built Small Business Promote to help those starting out learn how to promote their small business successfully online.

Again, welcome and I hope you get a lot of good out of the information contained here.