Melvin Brewing Knows Two Things Very Well: Craft Beer and Kung Fu


There is nothing we love more at Small Business Promote than finding a company to share with our readers that succeeds by being different, thinking outside the box and providing a high-quality product. The company that fits all of these qualifications in spades is Melvin Brewing.

This craft beer company redefines what happens when you mix a fantastic product with a whole lot of fun. The link we provided above takes you to the Yelp page of Melvin Brewing, where you can read reviews from customers. This link takes you to their website’s about us page and from there you can take in their very interesting story and use their Beer Finder to locate a Melvin Brewing location near you. They also have a very active Facebook page where you can keep up with events and hang out with Melvin Brewing fans. You can read a press release about the company on the website of Brewbound, the go-to source for the beer industry.

Melvin Brewing was born in the back of a Thai restaurant in 2009, when owner Jeremy Tofte decided to bring beers from the future to Jackson, WY. Here is a statement from their website, Through major Melvin Experiences and day-to-day events, “Melvin creates exceptional beer experiences for its friends. We believe that when we engage through music, beer, and fun in a safe environment, we will create lasting impressions for our current and potential customers.” 

Obviously this mission works quite well because Melvin Brewing has won more awards than you can shake a stick at! They have a page on their website with a list of awards received every year since 2011.

A major event Melvin Brewing is hosting that we want our readers to know about is National 2X4 Day on Feb. 8, 2020. If you love craft beer and mixing it up like a WWE star, then this event is for you. Here is a description of the event from the Melvin Brewing website, (we couldn’t describe it as well as they do.):

What to Expect

This is the day you embrace your inner ninja, drink 2×4 and wear that old karate uniform that has been collecting dust in your closet. This is the day you let go of your adulthood and embody the kung-fu master within. There will be loads of Melvin Brewing freebies to win (or loose), hip hop beats to sing to and 2x4s to chop with your bare hands. Maybe there will be a fire-breathing dragon or maybe a unicycling karate kid. Who really knows, besides the biggest Melvin fans that want to experience this MADNESS. Plus, we will have exclusive 2×4 Day beers on tap at each of the participating bars participating in 2×4 Day.


Do you want to get noticed? Post a video in your best Melvin ninja wear and get creative. Do you build human pyramids with your friends in your spare time? Do you have a secret ninja move and 2×4 chug you’ve been waiting to reveal on social media? Hashtag #2x4day, wear your Melvin gear and make sure to get that can of 2×4 in the shot for your chance to get noticed. We’ll have our eyes peeled for the most creative content and you might be contacted for some future secret projects and fun.”

Like we said at the beginning of this blog post, Melvin Brewing’s fame has risen due to their knowledge of craft beer and having fun, and boy do they know how! If you are looking for your next vacation spot, or you are lucky enough to find a Melvin Brewing location near enough to you for a day trip, we highly recommend you take it.


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