On Owing Money and Your Small Business

There’s something that is not talked about a lot when it comes to small business. After all, being successful means you put your best foot forward, right? But sometimes revealing the truth is the only ticket out of a bad situation. The one I am talking about today is owing money and old debts.

You must put your best foot forward and a smile on your face, appearing successful to your customers. However, if you are in debt there is a black cloud following you around all the time that needs to be dealt with. Personally, I have to make a confession. After all, the trend today is toward total transparency. I have had problems with old debt before, and I remedied that by using a debt reduction service. 

There really is nothing to be ashamed about. The old debt I had was accumulated during a very rough patch of my life, going through a divorce, losing a child. So many things happened at once that I couldn’t cope and wasn’t even working.

I was extra careful who I chose. I did a check with Dun & Bradstreet. The company I chose after seeing them listed there was Nationwide Debt Reduction Services.  They are a member of the American Fair Credit Council. I was kind of nervous about sharing my information with anyone, feeling a bit ashamed of my old debt. But the people at Nationwide were very friendly, non-judgemental, and helpful.

They were able to help me set up a repayment plan for the old bills I owed, which were drastically affecting my credit score in a negative way. These days, people check your credit score for even a good job. That means keeping it in good standing matters more than ever. Nationwide Debt Reduction Services showed me how I could work on building my credit score as the old debt was paid down.

Once these things were set in motion, you would not believe what a sense of relief I found! I could go about the business of being successful without feeling like a fraud. The change in my mindset was such that I found myself being freer to put myself out there when it came to applying for freelance jobs, building websites, blogging for businesses, and handling social media for clients with my head held high.

If you relate to what I have said in this post, you can’t go wrong by getting ahold of a debt reduction service like I did. I strongly suggest that if you do, Nationwide is the one you choose.



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