Read Customers’ Minds With UserIQ

Small Business Promote tries to stay on the cutting edge of today’s digital technology. We know that our readers expect nothing less. After all, how can we in all seriousness direct you on how to be successful online and promote your business properly, if we ourselves are not doing the same?

To make sure we DO stay on the cutting edge, we are always on the lookout for the latest and best digital products. One we would like to discuss today is UserIQ. After checking out this product, we feel that it is almost like it allows you to read your customers’ minds! For one thing, the product usage analytics allows you to understand what actions customers do and do not take when visiting your products. There are customer health indicators designed to show you what problems you are having with customer retention so that you can correct them. You can also speak to customers at the stage they are visiting your site where they are most likely to listen.

One other among many great features of UserIQ is their guided tour software. Talk about upscale! Our team was pretty blown away by the things this guided tour software can accomplish. Again, it is close to mind reading your customers, for you can use this software to watch their behavior and head them toward the product you sell that is most relative to them.

You would think that would clearly be enough performance for UserIQ, but no, that is really just the beginning of what your small business can accomplish by using this software. There are many benefits that will also enhance your sales and marketing efforts. Once you see what actions customers are taking, or not taking, you can double down your efforts toward leading them to purchase the right product for their need. UserIQ’s easy-to-use and customizable announcement tool will allow your sales and marketing team to recommend new product packages and test promotional messaging as often as they want in the one place where users are most likely to listen—the platform itself.

UserIQ received the great honor of being name Highest User Adoption by G2Crowd for the Winter of 2018. This is absolutely a software we recommend our readers try. And you can do that with a free demo! This demo will include the following:

  • Gain full access to UserIQ’s Customer Growth Platform for 30 days
  • Track how users are behaving inside your application
  • Customize engagements like NPS surveys, guided tours, and announcements in your web-app with no custom coding
  • Segment users and accounts based on in-app behavior and demographics

All we can say is wow. It is getting closer and closer to actually being able to read customers’ minds. UserIQ is helping to make that happen.


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