Social Media Marketing

In our modern world people now communicate most often online using social media. Whether you like it or not, that’s the reality, and if you want to reach potential customers, and communicate with your current customers, to have a successful online small business, you need to be on social media.

Even if all you have is a Facebook page for your small business, you must be present on social media. (I feel myself addressing old school small business owners, maybe there’s a good reason for that.)

The main social media platform that small businesses use are: Facebook and Twitter, but Instagram is quickly gaining steam as a platform for online businesses. I personally also use Pinterest, Google+, and LInkedIn. What I love about blogging is that you can add a plugin to your blog that has buttons at the bottom of each post, making it simply to easily share your content on social media by simply clicking,

The Best Advice on Social Media Marketing for Small Online Businesses

I am going to direct you to a free course for beginning social media marketers created by a leader in the internet marketing niche, and that is MOZ. Read each chapter at your leisure. You will come away with all the knowledge you need to be a great social media marketer for your small online business.

I set up and handle social media for clients, so if you would rather not do it yourself, leave me a comment and we can get the ball rolling.