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As a professional blogger, I am sometimes offered opportunities to receive products and review them on my blog. Several weeks ago I was fortunate enough to receive Pest Control Sticky Traps from a company called Happy Cornerz for me to use and review. The following blog post, images, and the included video are a record of my results using these sticky traps from Happy Cornerz.

In the video below I recorded my experience installing sticky traps all around my home. I narrated the video with specific information about Sticky Traps, so you might want to watch me in action to get a great idea of their history and how they work.

I also took pictures as I installed the sticky traps. Those images are included below:

The last image above is of me catching a tiny lizard in the Sticky Trap that was installed underneath the refrigerator. Since I live in Florida we have little lizards everywhere, but I was surprised that one actually got caught in the sticky trap.

So let me tell you a little bit about Sticky Traps as a great DIY pest control remedy and about Happy Cornerz, which is a brilliant all-in-one and 3-in-1 pest control solution! In fact, Happy Cornerz is the world’s only product designed to mount in upper corners to capture pests.

Roaches and other pests love corners because they follow baseboard edges of walls and all edges lead to corners! When the lights are turned on, they flee to the edges of the room to find safe, hidden and dark places to hide, especially to dark corners.

When you mount Happy Cornerz to any corner low or high, you have a place to capture insects and pests when they are trying to escape. The sticky traps function in corners as a new favorite spot for pests to hide because of the cozy black hole in the product, perceived as safe by the pest as they enter, but when they crawl inside they are stuck forever.

The beauty of this is that visitors to your home will never see a pest that has been trapped in the Happy Cornerz sticky trap because the glue is on the backside. However, when you use the sticky traps I am telling you right now they are VERY sticky. When removing the glue traps always slowly do it from the left or right mounting side flaps/wings, or your fingers will be getting stuck.

The whole point is that without Happy Cornerz you are limited to how you can track, monitor and catch insects and other pests in your home or business. Other glue boards can’t do anything for the upper corners of your rooms. Happy Cornerz sticky traps can fit into any corner, even corners inside cabinets and other small areas where pests run on the top surfaces just as much as the bottom surfaces.

Where Happy Cornerz sticky traps beat out the competition is that they give you all the options of regular glue traps that lay flat on the ground but sticky traps target the next level of pest control by giving you a way to choose to not let pests run in and out of corners both low and high. Even if your home or business is very clean you can ensure pest prevention and inexpensively monitor for insects, allowing you to keep things extra clean.

I was so impressed by Happy Cornerz that I would even suggest that professional pest control technicians use them to impress their clients with an innovation that captures more pests. This would be a great tool to add to your pest control business arsenal.

Another thing that highly impressed me is that Happy Cornerz is University Tested and Proven to be more effective and serve the pest control industry as a truly serious solution and advantage over pests. When I received the product in the mail, a letter from Dr. Pukcett at Texas A&M University was included. The doctor stated that after months of testing Happy Cornerz in pest-infested environments and even in non-infested environments, it was the ONLY product that could have allowed him to become aware of a pest problem where before it was not known to be an issue.

That is the beauty of this great pest monitoring tool that can focus on pest prevention and detection to remedy an issue with pests before it begins. You can also, as I did, lay the sticky traps flat, as one whole board, or use the system as three separate flat glue boards.

If you are interested in purchasing Happy Cornerz Sticky Traps for your home or business use, visit or Amazon.

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