UserIQ For a More Comprehensive View of What Your Customers Want and Need

One thing is for sure in the coming year. Data is king. Of course content always will be king, but for the foreseeable future data intelligence and the ability to understand through stats and other data what your online customers want and need is going to top even content as king.

This is just a natural progression of our advancing technology and nothing to be frightened of. Data is simply a way to monitor how your small business is doing online, but advancing to where you actually can tell by your customers and potential customers activities on your site and other places online is going to improve your bottom line tremendously, if used correctly.

One site I am paying close attention to when it comes to customer intelligence is USerIQ. This customer success software is a game changer. You will think you are actually reading your customers’ minds!

Using this software will allow you to engage with customers, understand their behavior, and anticipate future needs they may have, all by accessing the data provided using this software.

Here is a brief description of what UserIQ does from their blog, “UserIQ’s comprehensive platform encompasses three primary pillars: customer health, user intelligence, and targeted engagements. These pillars work together to help your team create an exceptional product experience by delivering what each user needs to be successful in the moment. As a result, you’ll accelerate onboarding, improve feature adoption, reduce churn, and ultimately drive more revenue throughout the customer journey.

I love nothing better than a good success story, and the following information about the UserIQ journey from their about us page tells a story well worth reading:

It is the first and only Customer Growth Platform™, empowering SaaS companies to foster growth beyond the funnel. From onboarding and retention to expansion and advocacy, UserIQ combines user intelligence, targeted engagements, and customer health to deliver what each customer needs to be successful, wherever they are in their journey. And successful customers mean reduced churn, increased lifetime value, and fewer customer support calls.

Today, UserIQ is a Startup Atlanta-awarded ‘Best B2B Startup’ (2017) and a graduate of the Signature program at the Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC) at Georgia Tech, a startup technology business incubator for early-stage startups. As a SaaS company, UserIQ understands the goals, challenges, and victories of other SaaS companies, which is why we’ve built the Customer Growth Platform to help your customers stay longer, spend more, advocate on your behalf, and bring new leads into your funnel.”

Watch this video for a full product Overview:

One other great thing to pay attention to if you are on the fence about whether your small business needs UserIQ. They have a free 30-day trial. That should certainly cinch the deal. 🙂


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