About Us

K.D. Grier, (Denise) owner of Small Business Promote

As a lifelong entrepreneur, I have worn many different hats, but my favorite of all is digital marketer and pro blogger. There is nothing quite as satisfying as creating a great online business and watching as it grows. I am kind of addicted to Google Analytics, which lets you see where your website traffic is coming from, how much there is, how long visitors stay on your site, etc. When a client hires me that’s the first thing I set up, is their analytics.

I created Small Business Promote to help others succeed online. We offer basic WordPress site building, service and product reviews, social media account creation and promotion, and SEO blogging. We are a small agency, so we can afford to do the work for less than the big dogs. That’s the way we like it. That way you get one-on-one attention.

If you are interested in having Small Business Promote help you set up a small online business or improve the one you have, send an email to denisegrier@smallbusinesspromote.com