Angela Wei: Entrepreneur & Queen of Content Marketing

As a progressive-thinking female, I always love finding stories of women entrepreneurs who are making their mark in the world of business. One such female is entrepreneur Angela Wei. Ms. Wei is a shining example of what women can accomplish when they set their minds to a task, and man oh man has Angela Wei taken on some tasks!

In an article at Ad Age from 2012, which announced the hiring of Angela by Arnold Worldwide, a short bio is included in which Ms. Wei is noted to have worked for some heavy hitters. Below is that info:

Ms. Wei comes from Time Inc., where she was executive director-digital marketing solutions in the Branded Solutions division. She developed award-winning programs for advertisers that included Intel, ToyotaMicrosoft, and Kraft Foods. Before joining Time Inc., Ms. Wei spent two years as senior VP-marketing and production at Heavy Inc., an online-video-entertainment company. In her 15-year career in digital media, Ms. Wei has also held positions at Sundance Channel, MTV .com, FCB and Razorfish, among other companies.”

Currently, Angela Wei is Managing Director of Milk Agency (a creative agency, production resource, and brand partner as part of Milk Group, a culturally conscious company. Angela Wei Milk Agency has a unique take on branding which I love.

In this article from Content is Your Business, Angela discusses finding how businesses need to find their North Star of Content. She mentions content as a pyramid — at the top are films and featured commercials, down to snackable content at the bottom – and how Milk creates throughout the pyramid. She touches on how modern marketing is not enough, content is the future, brands being publishers, and that people haven’t figured that out yet. Another spotlight describes Angela Wei’s unique take on content marketing for brands in this article from and includes a podcast.

There is nothing, in my opinion as a fellow female entrepreneur, that cannot be accomplished by a woman with a vision and passion. Angela Wei is a shining example of that adage. If you are a businesswoman and are passionate about succeeding, Small Business Promote highly suggests you follow the links we have included in this blog post and get to know Angela Wei. Having a mentor/someone whose work you admire, is crucial for many budding entrepreneurs. Nothing can build a fire in your belly like watching a successful person do the things you desire to do.

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