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Smart Entrepreneurs Listen to Podcast of Dan Lok, the King of Closing

In the world of business, there is nothing like the thrill and satisfaction of being an entrepreneur. Anyone can attempt to become an entrepreneur, but if you don’t possess certain innate qualities, there’s a good chance you will experience a lot of frustration, to say the least. Entrepreneurs are natural-born leaders and

The Best Choice for Hosting Your Website

WP Engine is the most popular platform for WordPress because of you. From small businesses to creative agencies to enterprise brands, WP Engine is proud to enable the full spectrum of digital experiences on WordPress. This is the very best choice for hosting your website! By clicking this link you will get

Angela Wei: Entrepreneur & Queen of Content Marketing

As a progressive-thinking female, I always love finding stories of women entrepreneurs who are making their mark in the world of business. One such female is entrepreneur Angela Wei. Ms. Wei is a shining example of what women can accomplish when they set their minds to a task, and man oh man

The Best in Data Quality Management

If there is one thing that is of urgent importance to companies who want to stay on the cutting edge, it is data. However, the management of data is also where many companies fall short. That is where data quality management comes in. If you are not familiar with what data quality

Inventory Optimization For Your Manufacturing Company

One of the biggest issues manufacturing companies deal with in their daily business processes is inventory control. Today on Small Business Promote we have diligently researched ways that manufacturers can increase the efficiency of inventory control, and thus their bottom line. If you own a manufacturing company that has challenges with MRO

Online Certifications for IT Professionals

In a world where working remotely has suddenly become a new normal due to social distancing during our pandemic, an IT professional with online certifications can write their own ticket. If you are considering this kind of career upgrade, this article from Forbes does a great job of laying out the values

Are You a Candidate for Entrepreneurship?

In our current economic climate, with many people being forced out of their jobs or working from home due to social distancing from the Coronavirus, the idea of becoming an entrepreneur is something that is occurring to even those who would not have considered it before. Our goal at Small Business Promote

Advice on Building a Business From the Ground Up

Everywhere you look these days, entrepreneurs are starting their own business. This is a great period in our history in which creating a business is a more viable option than ever. One great thing about starting a business these days is that you can find so many mentors who will guide you