Charity Begins at Home But Spreading it is Better

Matt Redhawk

You have got to admit, doing for others just feels good. Even the smallest kindness can make a big difference in a person’s life. But there is someone we have been notified of who is definitely taking the idea of philanthropy and charity to the next level. That person is Matt Redhawk.

If you haven’t heard of Matt Redhawk yet, let us introduce him to you. He has been an entrepreneur, executive producer, writer, and mentor. But we get the impression his favorite role is as a philanthropist. Webster’s Dictionary describes philanthropy as, “active effort to promote human welfare.” That is a very apt description of Matt Redhawk.

Matt’s main goal is to help families be self-sufficient and control their own destinies. What a lofty goal! Just imagine if each of us across the globe took just even a little bit of time and effort to do the same. What a better world it would be. Small Business Promote believes in the old saying that charity begins at home, but it is so much better when we also spread it around. We are far from the only one who feels this way, as this article from Huffington Post so eloquently speaks of.

The article is titled The New Age of Philanthropy is Here. Here is a quote from that article, “Over the last century and a half, it has become commonplace for the world’s wealthiest businessmen to give away large chunks of their fortunes in the sunset periods of their lives. But things have changed in the 21st century: Philanthropy is growing worldwide, and philanthropists are starting earlier than ever.”

If you are interested in joining this great movement toward giving back and becoming a part of the bigger and better philanthropy movement, take a look at some of the blog posts at Matt Redhawk’s blog. Some really helpful stuff there.

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