Having a Hobby is Scientifically Proven to Reduce Stress

Of the many new developments our modern age has brought forth, one of the most exciting is the fact that people are becoming so much more aware of the need for fun and play. If you look back even just 50 years ago, work was always considered serious and almost to the point of drudgery. That is becoming less and less true these days.

Companies like Google, for instance, offer play and fun as a major component of the workplace. However, you don’t have to work at one of these forward-thinking kind of companies to use your hobby as a way of reducing stress. It has been scientifically proven that a hobby does reduce stress.

But what if you don’t have a hobby? We strongly suggest that now is the time to find one. If you are looking for ideas for a new hobby, read this article from Bustle.

The article has several great suggestions for your new hobby, such as painting or journaling, reading or watching a favorite TV show, spending time outdoors, practicing mindfulness, working out, or taking self-improvement classes.

We found a site called Hobby Jam which is very unique in that it strictly involves interviews with successful people who have used a hobby to help them reduce stress and enjoy life more. We particularly like this Hobby Jam interview with Carl Guidice.

Here is a quote from Mr. Guidice from the interview, “With a type “A” personality coupled with a passion for life, a need for adventure, and a consistent call for a new adrenalin rush, Carl Guidice and his wife travel the world in search of new escapades. Carl stretches the imagination for what a semi-retired gentleman, with seemingly limitless wealth, should truly look like.”

If you are feeling stress from your job, as you can see from the information we have shared in this article, finding a hobby can truly be the answer to your problem. Even if all you do is find a favorite TV show or writing your thoughts in a journal, having a hobby is scientifically proven to reduce your stress levels.

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