Heads Up, Software Developers! You Need Tech Live Connect

Here at Small Business Promote we always diligently research a company before we suggest their services. Today, after researching Tech Live Connect, we would wholeheartedly suggest that if you are a software developer or a company that has in-house software developers, you take the time to check out their services.

Tech Live Connect (TLC) is a global software support provider who provides highly competent software support service packages to global organizations and independent software vendors. Software product vendors use TLC’s offshore software support services for their existing products while using their resources in building newer versions of their products.

There are several reasons we have chosen Tech Live Connect as our go-to software support company. One of those reasons comes from this section of their website:

Our mandate is very clear. We ensure that our staff planning supports 24×7 access to Live Experts with minimum wait times and that our customers get a resolution to their software issue in a timely and effective manner. Our Live Experts & engineers are highly experienced & qualified, and trained to think and adapt versus following rigidly scripted processes. Moreover, our Live Experts truly are available 24/7 ’round the clock’, so you can rely on TLC at your convenience.”

How many of you have had a bad experience with support personnel? We’d venture to say almost everyone has. There is nothing more frustrating than being made to wait for a very long time to get the support you need, no matter your issue. With the promise above from Tech Live Connect, we feel confident that you won’t have this happen.

Another reason we suggest Tech Live Connect is that they have such excellent reviews at Trust Pilot. In fact, 94% of their reviews on that trusted site are excellent. You can read reviews of Tech Live Connect by following the link we provided above.

A third reason we are suggesting Tech Live Connect for your software support comes from what they are doing behind the scenes. This press release from WRCB Channel 3 News announces a scholarship that Tech Live Connect is offering, “Tech Live Connect, a well-known global software support provider, announces the availability of a $2,500 scholarship in their name. The scholarship is intended for students with an interest in technology, though students from any major and any college can apply.”

We adore companies who are into Corporate Social Responsibility, and Tech Live Connect is definitely among that group. Tech Live Connect’s CSR program is devoted to – helping the underprivileged children, supporting old age homes, providing free meals, blood donation and active participation in environmental protection drives. The company’s corporate responsibility initiative has been very thoughtfully named ‘Prayaas’ which means “An Effort” of giving back.

As an independent software developer or a corporation who has in house software developers, after reading this blog post we think you will agree that choosing Tech Live Connect for your support team is a very wise choice.

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