Inventory Optimization For Your Manufacturing Company

One of the biggest issues manufacturing companies deal with in their daily business processes is inventory control. Today on Small Business Promote we have diligently researched ways that manufacturers can increase the efficiency of inventory control, and thus their bottom line. If you own a manufacturing company that has challenges with MRO optimization, read this article from Logistics Management. The article does a great job of explaining how advanced tools now available are enabling companies to do the job faster, more accurately, and with greater business impact. In fact, industry leaders are finding greater profitability through lower inventories, better fill rates, and ultimately a more satisfied customer.

Another very informative article we found to help you with inventory and MRO optimization we found at The article is titled 12 Best Practices of Inventory Optimization and is well worth a read. Follow this link to the article.

We read those two articles to educate ourselves on the many aspects of inventory optimization so that we could assist our readers who are manufacturing companies looking for a more efficient inventory process. In our search, we also found what we consider one of the best companies for help with Inventory Optimization. That company is Verusen. Let us explain in technical terms what Verusen can do for your manufacturing company:

The AI-driven cloud platform Verusen implements for your manufacturing company predicts inventory levels across the enterprise with six sigma reliability to reduce working capital by millions of dollars annually. Material data quality is controlled with 99% accuracy and 1000x the speed of traditional methods, improving prediction and eliminating data silos across multiple ERPs, divisions, and plants. Ensure fast, measurable, and significant ROI across the enterprise.

If you are considering using Verusen for inventory optimization at your manufacturing company, one very attractive feature they offer is a free demo of the platform. This free demo allows you and your manufacturing company leaders to see how Verusen can help you reduce working capital costs and move to the Digital Supply Chain. The end result of inventory optimization, as you and the leaders of your manufacturing company very well know is always ultimately reducing your working capital. Verusen can help you with that.

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