Investing in Yourself is Just As Important as Financial Planning

We are always being told that we should be saving and investing our money, and it is so very true. Everyone needs to have a nest egg in case of emergencies and to be planning for the future, and for retirement. But we don’t hear enough about how we should also be investing in ourselves.

This article from Huffington Post titled Top 10 Ways to Invest in Yourself and Why It’s So Powerful offers some very sage advice for our readers, with concrete ways that you can invest in yourself. Financial planning is of the utmost importance in our lives, but investing in ourselves brings rewards far beyond the monetary.

One person who we admire for combining both self-investment and financial planning into a very attractive package is Jason Vanclef. Mr. Vanclef is the creator and president of Vanclef Financial Group. We love what Jason has to say about investing and the services of his company, “If your financial life were like a placid lake, where you could easily see the other side, you would not need an advisor or guide to help you cross it. We feel life is more like rafting down a winding river with rocks and obstacles in your path. Having a guide who spends their life studying the financial river can help you steer clear of these obstacles providing a more enjoyable rafting experience.  In other words, help you achieve the retirement you have always envisioned with as few scrapes along the rocks as possible.”

Jason Vanclef has created a scholarship to provide one deserving student $1,000 to invest in their higher education and meet their full potential. Below are the details about applying for the scholarship:

Jason Vanclef Scholarship


Details About The Scholarship

Continuing your education after high school can be one of the best investments you make. However, it’s not a cheap investment to make.

Jason Vanclef created this scholarship to provide one deserving student a $1,000 scholarship to invest in their higher education and meet their full potential.

Full details for applying for the Jason Vanclef Scholarship can be found below.

To apply for this $1000 scholarship, you must fall into one of the following categories:

1. Be a high school senior that has already been accepted into a college or university.

2. Be a current college, university, or trade school student that hasn’t reached their final year.


Applying for the Jason Vanclef $1000 Scholarship is simple.

Write a 500-word essay answering the essay question below and submit the form at the bottom of this page.

Disclosure: By submitting a scholarship application, you are permitting Jason Vanclef to use your information for marketing and advertising purposes.

Scholarship Essay Question

Outside of furthering your education, what’s another investment you want to make for yourself?

Winner Selection

Once submissions close, the Jason Vanclef Scholarship Committee will review all applications and select a winner by the end of January 2021. Once the winner has confirmed their information, Jason Vanclef will provide a check to the winner’s financial aid department to award the scholarship.

The deadline for submissions is Dec. 31, 2020. Follow this link to apply.

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