Smart Entrepreneurs Listen to Podcast of Dan Lok, the King of Closing

In the world of business, there is nothing like the thrill and satisfaction of being an entrepreneur. Anyone can attempt to become an entrepreneur, but if you don’t possess certain innate qualities, there’s a good chance you will experience a lot of frustration, to say the least. Entrepreneurs are natural-born leaders and trailblazers, pioneers with big visions and the confidence and tenacity to turn those visions into realities.

We could add that in our opinion, every entrepreneur is first and foremost a salesperson. They are selling themselves, just as it is with any product or service. You are never really selling a product or service as a successful entrepreneur, you are selling yourself, your wisdom, knowledge, wit, and personality. People buy from people they like and trust. That’s the bottom line. Of course, no true entrepreneur would ever sell a product or service they didn’t believe in and were passionate about. That would be a crime to an authentic entrepreneur.

We really like what The Balance has to say about entrepreneurs in this article. The article includes an image with a list of the qualities entrepreneurs possess, which are passion, tenacity, vision, and self-confidence. You will consistently find these qualities in any successful entrepreneur. However, entrepreneurs don’t charge out of the gate winning without some help. If you interviewed ten entrepreneurs, you can bet that each one of them would give some kind of credit to a mentor. lists ten reasons why a mentor is a must. The great news is that in our world of advancing technology, finding the right mentor is easier than ever thanks to podcasts.

After some intense research, we decided to discuss in this blog post one of our favorite podcasts for entrepreneurs, and that is The Dan Lok Show. Dan Lok, known in sales and entrepreneurial circles as “The King of Closing,” states one of the biggest truths and challenges entrepreneurs face, and that is, as Dan says, “Entrepreneurship is a very lonely path.”

A succulent description of what to expect from The Dan Lok show comes directly from the podcast page, “We’ve interviewed the world’s top leaders to share their firsthand experience, knowledge, and wisdom; giving you EXCLUSIVE access to what contributed to their success. Every episode leaves you motivated and provides you with clear action steps on what you can do… even when things get tough.”

Reading the glowing reviews of The Dan Lok Show across the internet got us excited! And then when we listened to what Dan had to say on one of his many podcasts, we knew immediately that we were in the company of greatness and there was no question that Dan could help us succeed as entrepreneurs.

The Dan Lok show holds discussions on such subjects as Mindset, Influence, Marketing, Business, and Productivity, to name a few. Dan has also written and co-authored many best-selling books as well, the latest one being Unlock It: The Master Key to Wealth, Success, and Significance. He also offers courses with certification in sales and copywriting. You can find Dan Lok with tons of followers on all the major social media channels as well.

In conclusion, we’d highly recommend that if you want to be a truly successful entrepreneur, the first thing to do is find a mentor. We can’t think of a better mentor for salespeople and entrepreneurs than Dan Lok.

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