The Best Customer Survey Software for Small Businesses

There are many different ways that small businesses can help improve their experience with customers, but one of the most effective ways a small business can improve is by taking surveys to find out what your customers and potential customers think and feel.

In fact, surveys have become such an important part of the overall customer experience that American Express wrote this article pointing out 5 ways that surveys can help your business. For your reading convenience, we have listed those 5 ways below:

Here are different ways to survey your customers:

1. Market analysis. The most obvious reason for launching a survey in business is to find out what your market prefers, or what needs it identifies as important. Asking questions about the choices people make when interacting with products or services like yours will turn up valuable information for your future plans.

2. Tracking performance. You can use a short survey simply to keep your operations in order. You can ask for customer feedback regarding their experiences with your company and use that information to keep track of how well you and your staff are doing. Call centers, for instance, often track performance this way.

3. Customer follow-up.¬†Sending a more detailed survey immediately following a sale (particularly for more expensive items) is often revealing in terms of how well you are answering the customer’s needs. It is also an important way to show the customer that you are grateful for your interactions and that you’re dedicated to continual improvement.

4. Customer demographics. Another way to deepen your relationship with customers is to provide a survey that asks them about themselves: their preferences, their lives, their problems and challenges, even beyond the area your business serves. You can then use this data for product and service development and even in developing key strategic partner relationships.

5. Crowdsourcing. Undecided about the name or logo for your new product or business? Looking for the perfect addition to your already great inventory? Wondering what service is most needed in your local downtown district? Ask your customers to vote. Most people like to chime in when offered a few choices.

Another big proponent of surveys is the Content Marketing Institute. They wrote this article describing how surveys can help with your content marketing.

Now that you see the main ways that surveys can help your small business, your next step is deciding what survey software to choose for your particular needs. After extensive research, the team at Small Business Promote chooses the NPS, (Net Promoter Score) platform offered by Thermostat. There are several reasons we chose this survey software. One is that is very easy to set up, with no IT experience needed. That is a very important aspect of software for small business owners because let’s face it, most of us are not technological whizzes.

Another reason we favor the survey software from Thermostat is that they offer a free version with the capability to conduct 200 surveys a month, at absolutely no charge. It’s certainly not rocket science that free is better when you are just starting out and learning what works and what doesn’t. Of course, they offer upgrades to fit every size small business.

Nothing beats learning how your customers and potential customers are reacting to your product, and we heartily suggest that surveys are the best way to discover this information. Check out Thermostat today by following our link above. Have a great day!

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