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If there is one thing that is of urgent importance to companies who want to stay on the cutting edge, it is data. However, the management of data is also where many companies fall short. That is where data quality management comes in. If you are not familiar with what data quality management is, offers the following definition:

What is Data Quality Management?

It revolves around safeguarding the data so that duplications do not happen. It is certifying that the data is relevant, reliant, and accurate. Sometimes databases will not be updated congruently with interconnected data. One database will be updated but not any others. It is also the process of guaranteeing that all records, no matter what database they exist in, are updated at the same time. Old records, depending on federal regulations, can be deleted or destroyed to ensure that data is accurate and timely to your organization.”

Springboard, a popular website where people can take data related courses to further their careers or begin a career in the field of data, lists the following factors that determine the quality of data:

A Gartner study lists several key factors to examine data quality

  • Existence 
    • Is there data to work with?
    • Example: Did the organization actually collect data on sales performance in China? 
  • Consistency 
    • If a data point appears in multiple locations, does it bear the same meaning?
    • Example: In data sets that contain revenue by store for a given week, is the same number associated with a particular store in all data sets?
  • Accuracy
    • Does the data represent real facts and properties?
    • Example: Are reported sales representative of what actually happened in the store?
  • Integrity 
    • Does the data depict genuine relationships?
    • Example: In a report of customers and billing addresses, is each customer linked to the right billing address?
  • Validity
    • Do the data entries make sense?
    • Example: If data in a column “location” is linked to data “price,” are the related values consistent with allowable values in the data set and when compared with external benchmarks? 

If your company realizes that you are not offering your data the best in data quality management, Small Business Promote has done the research for you and discovered what we feel is the leader in gartner master data management. The company we recommend is Profisee.

In their latest press release, Profisee announced that Gartner has positioned their company as a challenger for the second time in a row in its 2020 Magic Quadrant for Master Data Management Solutions. Below are a few quotes from that press release:

Profisee VP of Marketing Reed Gusmus states, “We think that this year’s Magic Quadrant results and analyst comments further validate Profisee’s vision and ability to support the underserviced MDM market who have traditionally only had options that are too expensive, too slow to implement, and too risky. Profisee is the only vendor delivering on the needs of the underserved MDM market who have yet to adopt MDM, have given up in the past, or have declared failure early on in their efforts. We are able to do this by providing the industry’s only “Fast, Affordable, and Scalable” MDM solution that among other benefits can free up time, funding, and resources to concentrate on those aspects of MDM outside of the software that we all know are so challenging.”

Profisee CEO Len Finkle states, “We are excited to again be named a Challenger in the latest Gartner MDM Solutions Magic Quadrant. Profisee continues to increase our market penetration by providing robust technology, proven business value, shorter implementation times, and a pricing model that promotes increased usage and value over time.”

One of the other reasons we have chosen Profisee as your preferred data management company is the glowing reviews they have received from users of their product. You can read some of those reviews by following this link.

Below is one review as an example of what you will learn from users of Profisee:

What do you like best?

Extremely focused and mature MDM product line. The company’s focus purely on the MDM platform keeps the improvement and maturity coming back to the customer sooner than other production companies. Also since the product sits on top of the MDS Microsoft platform, it’s a natural extension and does not require a huge training curve.”

As you can see, Profisee should be your choice when it comes to the management of your data. They provide the best quality of any company we researched.

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